CREATIVE GOALS FOR 2018 by Bernhardina, January 2018
So heeeey again! I am finally catching up to some kind of routine in my life after a pretty hectic first month of 2018!  One of my goals this year is to follow more of my dreams outside of photography (which was my main focus last year) and so I just started a course in literature. I love to write so that's a major thing I want to do in my life. You now know, if you've been following this blog, that I am actually writing a novel. So it's very exciting to dig down into the history of western literature, all the magic, the chaos and the hidden gems - believe me, there are plenty!
It's kind of similar to when I studied art history a couple of years ago. On the picture you see me last summer in Paris and at Versailles (with bf Adriana). What a joy it was, to wander in breaths of cultural history, art and architecture... (But whyyyyy do my happy-face look so mad? Ha ha I promise I was REALLY excited!!) I always do this, you know. Some people travel to sunny beaches, some go to shopping paradises - I go where there's great cultural heritage! I've always been curious about where we came from, what people were like back then, why things are as they are today. This year I want to go to Vienna! Or Berlin! Or both! Fingers crossed ;)
Bernhardina xx

Elena Ekström and Joanna Bark for BUKVY.

GOODBYE SWEET 2017 by Bernhardina, December 2017
I can't believe this year's nearly over! It's been magical - absolutely magical! It's the first time in years I've been able to say that. Unfortunately it didn't start out well, because a close relative passed away early on in February, but since then I have got a new apartement (with two rooms instead of a half!), my business has grown eight times (!!!) from January to December and several dream-came-true moments happened, with everything from shooting campaigns to lookbooks and finishing the first draft of my book.
For those who do not now, I love writing and I'm currently writing my first novel. It's been my secret project for years and this autumn I finally sat down and finished the first draft. I did this instead of focusing on my business, moved to Örebro for three months just to write! Of course I traveled to Stockholm once in a while to do some photoshoots, but that's about it. Sure, I missed out on some opportunities but I am so glad I did it! Being back in Stockholm now, ready to get going again, I feel energized by the experience of following my other great dream - to become an author! So here we go! Let's have another great year, shall we? Take it away 2018! :)
Here are some of my favourite work from 2017!
Huge thanks to everyone who has been supporting me! Have a wonderful creative new year :)

Teaser from upcoming work! Model: Alice Hildor /Le management, MUA: Melinda Forsberg

LONG TIME NO BLOG by Bernhardina, September 2017
Hello there :) Sorry for having been a terrible blogger lately! I just have so much to do it's crazy. I don't know how some photographers have time to blog AND have a life besides photography. Kudos to them! Anyway, Paris was great and I've had a relaxed summer, but being back to work - it's more work than ever! And I should be grateful I know, and I am, but when you're a really un-organized person as I am, just keeping up with more work is a challenge. I've got many personal projects on stand-by, people waiting for the photos and I've just got to ask them to be patient, I'm working my ass off! But I work slow also because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to editing, for example. I don't want to publish one photo that I don't think is gorgeous :)
You get one teaser from my upcoming work today. Poor Alice had to go into the cold lake! But she handled it like a true pro and the pictures came out really stunning! Can't wait to show you the rest!

Flying hugs coming your way! xx

Model Eila @Stockholmsgruppen getting flowers in her ears by make up artist Jasmine Lundmark.

SUMMER ON THE WAY by Bernhardina, May 2017
It's basically summer already. The last couple of days I've spent sunbathing on my balcony. I'm very pale so I have to be out a lot to get anything that looks even remotely like a tan! Since I'm going to Paris later this week I feel I don't want my Scandinavian snowman-skin to show... ^^

What else? Last week I did some tests with models from Stockholmsgruppen and Le Management. I love doing these shoots especially during this time of the year, when it's getting warm and sunny, so we can be outdoors. If you haven't guessed it already, I love shooting in parks and gardens! Keep your eyes open for the new pictures - they turned out pretty amazing!

Now I have to focus on Paris and packing the right equipment for this trip! I'm always running out of memory cards because I forget to transfer the pictures onto my computer. Ugh... it's so boring! But now it's on my to do list!

Updates when I come back! Au revoir! :)
THROWBACK by Bernhardina, April 2017
I went through some older work yesterday and found some pretty pictures I had forgotten about! Here's the model Fanny (MIKAs) styled by Saba Petrén with make up by Alice Chung. Isn't she a doll? :)
New fashion-work is coming up soon! But first I'll take this week off to celebrate easter with my family in Örebro!
Hope you all are well and having an awesome week! Happy Easter!
*flying hug coming your way*

HARD FLASH OR REFLECTED LIGHT? by Bernhardina, March 2017
Using one flash instead of several might seem boring, but it often gets the job done in a much more effective way! Especially if I'm on the go and don't have time to set up a lot of equipment. The possibilites when using a flash is endless! The two most common uses are a hard flash on the subject, or reflecting the light through another surface, like the ceiling or a white wall.
I recently shot press images for the political youth group Grön Ungdom here in my hometown Uppsala. I took my flash with me and did these test images of Thilde. As you can see a hard flash (or a "naked" flash, as some calls it) creates a cool effect, a nice even light, just a bit flat and it also creates hard shadows. Bouncing the flash-light in the ceiling creates a more natural light, soft shadows but with a variety of colours in the skintone.
I usually prefer hard flash because it looks better with the colours - it creates an even skintone on the person being photographed (reduces my work in photoshop afterwards!) but reflected light might be a better option in some cases. If you shoot in a room with lots of stuff in different colours, you might want to avoid reflecting the light, as all those colours will jump towards the subject! 
It's a question of taste, really! But it's always cool to change things around during the shoot :)

Hard (or "naked") flash. As you can see this creates a flattering light with even skintones.

Reflected light. As you can see the yellow wall is also reflecting onto their faces. I've reduced the effect in photoshop, but had the wall been blue it might have been more difficult ;)

NEW YEAR NEW CHALLENGES by Bernhardina, January 2017
Doing a throwback today with a pic of the lovely Josephine Wallén from one of my favourite shoots! With Melinda Forsbergs feet in the picture, she did the make up as well ^^ I love the feeling and location of that shoot. It might actually have been the most fun I've ever had shooting ANYTHING! I would otherwise say that the first time I shot with agency-models was pretty epic, but then I was nervous as fuck, so it's hard to judge! And all the shoots are so much fun - it's pretty crazy how that's possible! But of course it depends on who you are shooting with and how much freedom you have as a photographer. I am lucky to have A LOT of freedom most of the time :)
New year, new challenges... a big one - be a better person. I'm not that bad to begin with (I promise!) I just feel I haven't done anything special for my friends and family in a while now so that's definitely happing this year. It's hard because I am so busy all the time. Ugh. Studying and working as a photographer part-time. I realize I haven't written anything about my studies here, but if you are curious, I'm basically a historian. At least I have studied history, art history and political science during the last 4 years at Uppsala University! And it's so much fun!! The best part is that I get to write a lot about things that interest me, such as the history of anti-work philosophy and international relations during the 20th century. Epic stuff. So yeah, now you know ;)
Some things coming up soon: New editorial, new portrait work, new work for a Swedish short film and some secret projects that aren't really that secret lol. Hope you'll be back to check them out! Flying hugs coming your way!! Catch!!!!
NEW WEBSITE by Bernhardina, November 2016
As you can see I finally got my new website online! *party* OK I know you're thinking: Huh? It's not that different from the last one. Well, no, you're right. It's not. But there a some slight tweaks and changes that I'm happy with, and so I hope to become better at updating and bloging.
The photos above are from my recent work for DJ LALA! What a gorgeous girl and amazing DJ she is. We had such a fun shoot, however we started out late so by the end of it I had a challenge keeping up with the light! Luckily the photos turned out awesome and more are on the way. Want to see more? Check out my 'Recent' folder!
Bernhardina XX
“How do you retouch clothes!?”
I was asked this question recently and I thought: Hey I know this, so why not write a post about it? Sometimes I see fashion photographers struggle with delivering awesome product-shots to their clients because they have a mindset of “… but if I just get the model to look good then the clothes will look good as well!”
No, no, no! The model is not the star of the image – the clothing is! As a fashion photographer, the clothes must get your full attention during all stages of production, both pre- and post-.
Because no matter how good the pictures are, the clothes won’t sell if they’re not looking their best. No one’s going to buy a thing from your client, so you might as well learn how to retouch the clothes, so that people actually want to buy them.
How to do it? Glad you ask! :)
Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to this one. Learning advanced Photoshop takes a long time, it’s hard work and practice until you get there, but to actually get you going I will give you four awesome advices ;) And here they are!
#Use colours to your advantage!
Great colours usually sell better, especially during summer. And even if you are shooting a dark red skirt – how are you going to make sure people want to buy it? Well, just make the colour pop! Of course you shouldn’t change its colour (we wan’t the customer to know what they are buying) but by using the other colours in the picture in a smart way, you can make an awesome piece look even better.

Think about how I use the surrounding colours to enhance the red skirt and the yellow dress.

Look at the yellow dress. It stands out in front of the backround for a reason: It’s blue. Yellow and blue are complementary colours. This is actually really important in making a picture sell. Using all colours in the picture to your advantage will make the clothes look fine as ****! So learn your colour wheel!
#Clone the clothes!
In Photoshop there’s a tool called the “clone stamp” which allows you to perfect everything and clone out things you don’t want, such as dirt and wrinkles. You can also use something called the “spot healing brush” but beware: It smudges your picture and blurs it to death. Always make sure the texture of the garment remains consistent! Otherwise your retouch will get noticed – and you don’t want that to happen...

Before and after using the clone stamp on these leather boots.

#Get’em good shapes!
Everything looks better with even shapes, whether they be round or straight. This won’t have to be a drastic measure – just be careful not to make it look unrealistic. I always fine tune the shape of the garment. It will make the clothes look like they were tailor-made for the model and the overall picture becomes more pleasing to look at! :)

Would you buy this pant from looking at the left image or the right?

Aaaaand my #1 best advice is… *drumroll* ... Don't overdo it!
This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because it applies to all retouch. DO NOT overdo it! If you get it all too perfect no one will believe it. If a potential customer doesn’t believe that the photographed garment actually looks like this – then there’s no way they are going to buy it! I always make sure I don’t go overboard – sometimes I even leave a wrinkle to make sure the clothes don’t look like they have been retouched at all. It's all about credibility and that's a fine line. But don't worry - with enough practice you'll get the hand of it :)

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you think it's been helpful! Keep following my blog for more advice on photography and all stages of marketing production. Here’s a flying hug: Catch!!!
MATERIAL GIRL MAGAZINE SHOOT by Bernhardina, September 2016
I recently did a shoot by Kungshögarna, a place in Old Uppsala quite close to where I live. I've always wanted to shoot at this location - it is actually one of my favourite destinations when I go out for a stroll! Now I've done it and it sure won't be the last time - it's an awesome location and not that far from Stockholm (for you capital-based creatives out there)!
Melinda Forsberg did the make up and models were Alice H with Stockholmsgruppen (who flew up from Gothenburg, how cool is that?) and Amelie Marmenlind who I did a shoot with a few years ago and recently returned from studying in Japan (how awesome is that?). We had a great time resulting in quite a collection of photos which will be up shortly! Here are some behind the scenes pics...
Amelie waiting for make up.
Melinda working her magic on Alice H /Stockholmsgruppen.
Melinda's goodies! 
Here she is! Melinda is so awesome when she's helping me out with the reflectors! Isn't this a stunning location?! ​​​​​​​
We found a grasshopper! It sort of fell in love with Amelie... :)
GOTLAND by Bernhardina, July 2016
I have had a fantastic week in Visby! These moments of stilness and bliss are the most wonderful ♥ 
Two weeks ago I went to Copenhagen to shoot some promotional pictures for a piano trio called Trio Sastia. Since it was my first shoot ever in Copenhagen, I had to go on a hunt for locations. The cellist of the trio, Saga de Leon, joined me and we got some pretty nice pictures just by scouting locations! I thought I'd share them with you, because I rarely post these kind of photos... Scouting for locations can be quite a drag if you are new to the place, so what you'll need is #1 nice company and #2 an idea of what you are looking for. As for me, I am always looking for the best LIGHT!
I love this location, but we didn't use it. It doesn't really work for portrait, because the shadows make the light uneven. Just imagine how difficult it would be to shoot a group of people here! This is the sort of location I would chose for a fashionshoot.
This is another one of those locations that we really liked, but we didn't use. It does work better as a solo-portrait location.
Finally! This is one of the locations we ended up actually using! This is perfect for portrait - just a clean background of grey marble. The open shade creates an even flattering light.
Another location by the water that we would have used, but we arrived too late and missed the sunlight... oh well!
Here's a location we did use. I chose it mainly because of the open space and the buildings, all in the same colour scheme, but also because the ground was reflecting the sunlight which created a very beautiful light. This location was perfect for shooting towards the sun!
I had a great time in Copenhagen and I am very happy with our work! Don't forget to check out the final result when it's up on the website (in a short time) xx
MONDAYS AREN'T SO BAD... by Bernhardina, April 2016
We had such an amazing shoot today! I am very excited about the result because everything was working perfectly. Amazing stylist Saba Petrén went art director, skilled make up artist Jasmine Lundmark did some great work on model Ida Svensson, who really amazed me. I love it when I get to team up with creative talents and have those girlpower-moments!
Stylist Saba had a new look! What do you think of her hair? I think she looks ah-mazing!!!

Vincent Wallenta /Elite models Stockholm

VINCENT by Bernhardina, February 2016
Shout out to Vincent Wallenta from Elite model Stockholm! We did the shoot at the same time as I shot Elite-beauty Greta Dillén, who you can see in my behind the scenes images if you scroll down. Vincent is such a cool guy and I love what we came up with. I am currently trying out a more dark and moody retouch-style, some experimenting to get the look of one of my favourite photographers Rory Payne.  
What am I up too? Besides retouching and trying to get things done while planning new things and taking jobs at the same time? (Oh, the life of a photographer; you're doing ten things at a time!) My awesome brother Tom bought me a movie-editing software! I am so excited to start making short-films again! Maybe a behind-the-scenes video from one of my photoshoots in the future? ;)
Next week I have like five different deadlines but you can expect new images to show up here and on my instagram @bernhardina !
Hope you all have a fantastic week! Lots of flying hugs xx
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME by Bernhardina, February 2016
Today is my 22th birthday! Happy birthday to me! How to celebrate? I have made a quiz for my family and hopefully there will be a cake this evening :) can't wait for my cake!!!!
5 THOUGHTS ON CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY by Bernhardina, February 2016
I've been shooting at clubs and concert halls recently, to expand my portfolio with photos of live acts and to get better at it. What a challenge it has been! My usual area of expertise is portrait- and fashion-photography, so trying to capture an artist going wild on stage has been something very different for me! But as always - I am up for any challenge when it comes to photography! That's why I am sharing 5 thoughts on concert photography with you, hoping some of you will try this out (because it's SO MUCH FUN)!​​​​​​​
1. You have to take a lot of pictures
When I shoot portrait, preparation is everything. Once the model is in front of the camera and the posing is right and the lighting is set, the only thing left for me to do is to take the photo. But when you shoot a concert you have no control over anything. You just have to keep taking pictures and hope you get some good ones. 95 % of my concert photos is utter garbage, but it's all fine as long as I get those 5 % to look amazing! At a concert you are usually allowed to take pictures during the first three songs only. In those 10-15 minutes you will have to take 300-400 photos to get some awesome shots.

Icona Pop and Erik Hassle live in Stockholm. Shot by me for ELLE Sweden.

2. You have to wait... for ages
So you get to the concert on time and are thinking: Great - this is a quick job! I will be biking home in just ten minutes. Well, that's the case if you're lucky, but often you will have to wait at least half an hour before the act even gets on stage. It can be a drag, especially if you are not excited about the act itself. The best part is that when the three songs are over - you can go home with a smile on your face (as long as you don't have a deadline laughing in front of it).
3. Expect to raise ISO to the sky
Even if you own a great lens with the capacity of shooting amazing images in low light you should expect to set your ISO to at least 800 and even higher depending on the show itself. Using continous autofocus will help you get sharp images, but it won't help you get the pictures themselves. Believe me, the autofocus will work against you in low light situations and it will be frustrating - but you have to keep shooting no matter what! Remember: You only need 5 % of the photos to be amazing! Also, keep in mind that the lighting-technician doesn't give a crap about you or your pictures. You will have to work with what you get.

Darin live in Uppsala. Shot by me for Rockfoto.

4. Get a zoom lens
You can't always be in front of the stage with your favourite lens. Sometimes you have to keep your distance and that's when you'll need a good zoom. So it will be worth investing in one. The downside is of course that these lenses are VERY expensive. So which one to get depends on your economy. My own lens is not that good in comparison with what's on the market right now so I will most likely invest in something better - it will be very much worth it!
5. Enjoy the moment!
I love going to concerts. Music is my life and there's just something special about hearing it live. When you get to shoot a concert, you share all the excitement of the audience but you also feel the rush you need to capture the moment with your camera. You'll have so much fun while shooting - you might as well enjoy the hell out of it!

Alessia Cara showcase in Stockholm. Shot by me for Nöjesguiden.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will share more thoughts and tips on photography in general, so keep visiting this blog if you are an aspiring photographer!
Have a nice sunday xx
NEW WORK COMING UP by Bernhardina, February 2016
Lots of new work coming up!! Here's a teaser from the shoot I did with Julia from MIKAs Agency. It's actually my third teaser from this shoot - if you follow me on Instagram you always get to see the pictures first. You are not following me? WHAT? Do so at once! My account is @bernhardina :)
I can't believe I have gotten through this last week. I have worked so much and been ill at the same time. At least I feel better now and tomorrow The New Issue is released - and my work is in it! That's something to be excited about.
I feel I should say something about the above photo. Like, how I did it, a tutorial or something. But I am not lying when I say it just sort of happened! I asked Julia to hold the willows to her face. The image of a working class girl from late 19th century just popped into my head. Alone in the countryside.
I used a large softbox and a white reflector to fill in the shadows. Everything else is Julia working her magical eyes :)
STOCKHOLM CENTRAL STATION by Bernhardina, January 2016
Spent thursday in Stockholm doing tests with the beautiful Greta Dillén from Elite model management. I also shot one of their male models, Vincent Wallenta - such a nice guy! As you can see we were shooting by the central train station. The result is really cool and I am looking forward to share it, but first I have retouch and editing work left from another shoot I must complete.
Fashion Week Stockholm is happening at the moment and unfortunately there are fewer shows this year because there has been a budget cut. Really sad for all fashion lovers out there! Stockholm usually delivers because we do have some amazing designers based here. I am working in my hometown Uppsala this week so I am not really affected by the budget cut but I feel sorry for those who are!
At least some of my favourite girls got shows ;) I always root for those I have shot because I want them to do well! I also root for the best agencies in Stockholm (Elite and MIKAs) of course, because they are always nice and have the best faces in Sweden!
I do try to keep up with the shows after work, once they are up at! Go over there and check them out :)

Grand Place in Brussels, wearing my favourite red scarf! Photo by Emina Dedic.

GOODBYE BRUSSELS by Bernhardina, December 2016
I have been travelling non stop for a couple of weeks now an I feel relieved that christmas is arriving with well deserved peace and quiet. I am so tired I actually fight to stay awake while typing! That's how exhausted I am... Going to bed any minute now! Copenhagen last week, Paris the week before that and now I just got back from Brussels. I am not used to travelling that frequently but it's definitely something I enjoy. It's so exciting to work abroad, to meet new people and see inspiring things... and it might have been just what I needed. The weight of the world has been pushing me down lately. I worry so much, and for so many people, all the time!
This is my first blogpost here on It's good fun to write in English and even though I am part British I feel insecure about the language at times. No more of that now! 
What this blog will be about? Glad you ask! Probably about my life and my thoughts, but also about photography and art in general. Hope you'll enjoy your stay :)
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